Father's Day

Father's Day is celebrated in Portugal on March 19th, the day of Saint José, Christ's earthly father.

Countries such as Spain, Italy, Andorra, Bolivia, Honduras and Liechtenstein also celebrate this day.

In the United States of America a curious story comes to us.

A father named William Jackson Smart was forced to raise his children after his wife died giving birth to their sixth child.

One of his daughters, Sonora, while listening to a sermon on Mother's Day, remembered out of admiration for her father that there would be no better way to honor him than to celebrate Father's Day.

Although the idea did not succeed in 1966, US President Lindsay Johnson declared that the third Sunday of June would be celebrated as Father's Day.

A tribute was found in Babylon in 2000 BC on a clay tablet from a son named Elseus to his father wishing him a long life, health and happiness.

Many stories could be written here and many more told, however the important thing is to cherish our father, because as it has long been said, "Father there's only one, and."