Dia Mundial da Criança👩‍🎨

As we say in Portugal, O mundo pula e avança como bola colorida nsa mãos de uma criança. (The world jumps and advances like a colorful ball in a child's hands.).

In Portugal, Children's Day is celebrated on June 1st.

This day was marked for the first time in 1950 at the initiative of the United Nations with the aim of drawing attention to the problems that children face daily around the world.

It has been recognized by all Member States that all children, regardless of race, color, religion, social origin, country of origin, have the right to love and understanding, adequate nutrition, medical care, free education, protection against all forms of exploration and to grow in a climate of peace and fraternity.

It is celebrated on other dates in other countries but the main objective is to dedicate the day to these little ones who will one day be us, as such their education and happiness is essential to being the adults of tomorrow.

Happy day to all the little ones around the world.