Exchanges and Returns

We do not deliver to PO Boxes, as a signature from the person who received the package is always required.

Shipping - 2 to 3 days. €7.00.
Collect by hand at the following locations:
Porto : Praça de Carlos Alberto 77 ; Rua Bonjardim 1132 (Marquês) ; Rua Bessa Leite 957 (Lordelo) ; Matosinhos : Rua Conde Alto Mearim 752. (Câmara Municipal). 

Shipments outside the European Union are subject to customs duties, which are the responsibility of the customer.

We will always look for the best and most advantageous solution for the customer.


Deadlines may vary depending on periods of higher delivery volume, such as Christmas, etc.
Orders placed with verified payment will be shipped within 72 hours.In case of stock outages, we will contact the customer proposing the best alternatives.

All orders are packed in boxes designed for this purpose so that any incident is avoided throughout the process.

All orders will have a tracking number that will be provided to the customer so that they can track it to its destination.

CUCP Ourivesaria sends products in partnership with CTT and deadlines may vary slightly. At home in 3 to 5 business days.I
f it is not possible for you to receive it at home or if it is more advantageous to collect it at a branch of ours, we have the following collection points:

Porto Praça de Carlos Alberto nº 77 223 392 445  
Porto Rua de Trás nº 175  223 389 284 
Porto Rua do Bonjardim nº 1132  225 024 773 
Matosinhos Rua Conde Alto Mearim nº 752 229 952 806
Porto Rua António Bessa Leite nº 957 226 170 451
Porto Rua Cimo de Vila nº 21 223 389 358
Fafe Praça 25 de Abril nº 66 sala J 253 598 533
Braga Rua de S. Marcos nº 126 1º esqr frnt 253 617 561 
Aveiro Av. Drº Lourenço Peixinho 176 1º sala 5 234 424051 
Maia Avenida D. Manuel II 2085 1º sala C 229 443 377 

Alcobaça Rua Drº Brilhante nº 22   262 509 115 
Figueira da Foz R. da República nº 25 233 420 928 
Amadora Rua Elias Garcia 149B  219 363 384

(Call to national landline network)

In case of loss of the order, the customer has the option of resending it (if available in stock), or full refund of the value (in accordance with the terms of applicable legislation (DL no. 24/2014, of 14 February, amended by Law 47/ 2014, 28 July).

How to Return.-You should contact us via 223392440 or have 14 days, including Saturdays, Sundays and holidays, from the actual delivery date of your order to return it to Ourivesaria Carlos Alberto.-
The order can only be returned if it is in perfect condition and as long as it has not been used, damaged or altered in any way or shape.-It must be returned in its original packaging.
We offer two ways to make a return.

 At Ourivesaria Carlos Alberto:
Always have the order and respective invoice with you.

 Shipping by CTT:
We suggest registered shipping with acknowledgment of receipt and declared value for respective insurance. (Costs borne by the customer.)
Household. Praça de Carlos Alberto, 77 4050-158 Porto.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to get in touch.