The Rose, not just a flower.💖

💖Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of love, is born from the foam of the sea, this foam takes the form of a white rose, thus representing purity and innocence.

When Aphrodite saw Adonis injured, she went to help him and pricked herself on a thorn, its blood colored the roses that were consecrated to her, thus creating the habit in Antiquity of placing a rose on the tombs, this ceremony being called “Rosália”.

Every year in May, roses are placed on the tombs. 💖The red rose means passion, blood and flesh.

In Roman mythology Venus is the goddess of love but Flora, goddess of spring and flowers, was the creator of roses,

The story goes that when one of the goddess's nymphs died, Flora turned her into a flower and asked the other gods for help. Apollo gave life, Bacchus the nectar, Pomona the fruit, Cupid fired his arrows to disperse the bees that were attracted to the flower, thus creating thorns from the arrows.

💖 Isis, goddess of love, is also consecrated in Egypt, being portrayed with a crown of roses.

💔In Hindu tradition, the goddess of love Lakshmi was born from a Rose. Symbolism of beauty and purity, perfect in every way.
💖The closed interior of the Rose meant in several cultures a symbolism of secrecy. A medieval custom was to place a Rose on the ceiling of a meeting room to indicate that matters should be kept secret, thus emerging the custom of painting roses on the ceiling of rooms, influencing the decoration of many houses of classical architecture.

In the Middle Ages, the Rose became a symbol of the Virgin Mary due to its meaning of purity. The rose windows of Gothic cathedrals were dedicated to Mary as a feminine symbol in opposition to the cross. The original rosaries were made with rose petals. The word “rosary” derives from the Latin “rosarium” which means rose garden.
In alchemy, the rose represents the feminine and corresponds to the woman's sexual organ. The cross being a masculine symbol gave rise to the word “Rosicrucian”, the first symbol of the Rosicrucian order.
💖There are endless stories about the rose but in general it has the meaning of love, whether spiritual, carnal, virginal, so many people have the habit of giving their "Goddesses" the flower of love. ?🌹