Ear Piercing

At the Carlos Alberto goldsmith shop, we carry out ear piercings.

We respect all hygiene and safety measures and the employee carrying out the pierce is duly instructed for this purpose.

  We have "Bravery" diplomas for the most fearless. 😄💪

If you are just looking for information on the subject, below we leave some measures that should be adopted before and after.

Before piercing

. Eat something before the procedure to increase blood sugar levels. This way, you will be able to prevent potential illnesses.

Care to be taken with ear piercings

. The main advice is to clean twice daily using an antibacterial soap or recommended product.

Additionally, you should wash with saline solution.

In addition to this recommendation, there are others that you must follow in order to avoid infections after having your ears pierced:

-Avoid contact with dirty hands with holes, as these can carry microbes.

-Always wash your hands before touching your ears;

-Be careful with sudden touches to the ears, common in some daily habits such as talking on the phone, dressing and combing your hair;

-Pay special attention when going to bed. You may experience some pain when you touch your ear to the pillow, so do it carefully;

To avoid harming the healing of your punctures, avoid using hydrogen peroxide and alcohol for disinfection;

If you develop an infection, you will need to take antibiotics. Consult your doctor about the best medicine for that region.

Do not remove the earring for at least 15 days in order for it to heal properly. Holes in the cartilage must wait for healing for 3 weeks.

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