Second Hand Gold. Why? (20s)

Used gold, gold that has previously been used in jewelry, coins, bars or other objects, can be an attractive option for several reasons:

1-More affordable: Used gold is generally more affordable in terms of price than new gold. This is because new gold is often sold at a considerable markup, while used gold can be purchased at lower prices, primarily reflecting the intrinsic value of gold.

2-Sustainability: Buying used gold is a more sustainable choice as it reuses existing resources rather than contributing to additional gold extraction, which can have negative environmental impacts.

4-History and authenticity: Second gold jewelry often has history and personality. Furthermore, the gold pieces used are authentic and often have unique designs and styles.

5-Variety of Styles: When shopping for used gold, you can find a wider variety of styles and designs than are often available in new gold.

6-More accessible investment: If your interest in buying gold is for investment, then you have found the best option. The price becomes much more affordable as several fees and expenses are no longer included in the items.

However, when purchasing used gold, it is essential to take certain precautions such as certifying the gold's purity and state of conservation, purchasing from reliable sources, such as reputable goldsmiths, always requiring a detailed invoice for all items purchased with elements such as description, weight in grams and carats of the article.

At the Carlos Alberto goldsmith shop, all of our pieces before being offered for sale go through several stages.
They are examined by official INCM Assessors to ensure that all requirements are being met.
After this inspection, those with signs of use are removed, only items in the best condition advance to the next phase.

Here we subject the jewelry to cleaning and sanitization carried out by machines and products exclusively for this purpose.

The result, as you already guessed, is an immaculate jewel that rivals any new item.

The advantage we highlight?
The cost being cheaper makes the investment more profitable than buying new.
In short, used gold is an excellent option for several reasons and if you don't like it, you can always exchange it.

We are waiting for you. ☺