Ourivesaria Carlos Alberto - History

In Carlos Alberto's square since 1967, Ourivesaria Carlos Alberto is located in the building of the company Companhia União de Crédito Popular.
A building over 200 years old where it is possible to appreciate a beautiful tile panel that is worth visiting and photographing, both for its historical value and for its preservation, being one of the highlights of Praça Carlos Alberto.
In fact, there are countless tourists and passers-by who stop to appreciate and photograph this panel that alludes to the name of the company and the year of its foundation.

In distant times,there were only two roads that led from this square, one to Braga and the other to Guimarães.

The square was knowned as "Feira das Caixas" (Boxes Square). It was full of inns and a place where horses were prepared for long journeys, which made the Square also known as Largo dos Ferradores (Farrier Square).

In the 70s to 90s, Ourivesaria Carlos Alberto also sold home appliances, becoming one of the main reference stores in the city of Porto.
At this time, the reference for electronic items and household appliances would entirely go to Rua do Loureiro, adjacent to the well-known São Bento station. This street was full of stores and merchants where it was possible to discover and purchase all the latest developments in electronics and household appliances, reminding us a little of the streets of Andorra.

Everything would be perfect for these traders if it weren't for the Companhia União de Crédito Popular commitment to this line of business. The competitiveness that took place in the sale of these items by Ourivesaria Carlos Alberto e Eletrodomésticos was such that traders on Rua do Loureiro came to "peek" at the prices we charged..... in fact, the opposite also happened. 😄

At a time when the trade in gold and silver items suffered a considerable drop, the sale of household appliances took on a preponderant role in preserving the jobs of the various employees and subsequent families of Companhia União de Crédito Popular.

The appearance of large supermarkets came to dictate the slow and painful end of the sale of these items, both in ours and in Rua do Loureiro.
From this moment on, we continued to focus on selling used gold and silver items.

We can only remember with joy and pride a chapter in our history in which Ourivesaria Carlos Alberto e Eletrodomésticos was a reference in the beautiful and undefeated city of Porto.